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Roadside Assistance

Our roadside assistance charging service comes with a battery mobile charging system on board.

We provide emergency fast charging services for electric vehicles are stranded due to low batteries. After the fast charging service, you can charge it at any public EV charging station. EV drivers can now get charging anytime, anyplace with our Datametrex EV Solutions roadside mobile charging!


Please note, service is only available in the Metro Vancouver area, with plans to expand in the future.

EV Towing VS Mobile EV charging

Traditional towing methods for electric vehicles have serveral drawbacks when compared to use of EV mobile charging.

Techniques like using a hook and chain, dolly, or wheel lift tow truck can be risky and cause significant damage to the EV.

dmEVS Roadside Assistance offers a safer and more efficient solution by providing on-the-spot charging without the need for towing. This approach also minimize wait times and costs while ensuring proper care for EVs.

1 Time Request Estimated Price

Charging Amount

Wait Time

Lifting Time

Lifting Down Time

Charging Time

Total Process Time





Up to $125 CAD

$75 CAD

(Membership price only)


7 kWh

Up to 120 min

Up to 60 min

30 min

No Need

30 min

No Need

60 min (for 7kWh)                    

Level 2

(Need to find a nearest charging station and charge by yourself)

20 min (for 7kWh)                    

Level 3

Up to 240 min

Up to 80 min

*The above table is a brief comparative table showing the results obtained when operated under specific limited conditions with restricted equipment and manpower. Please note that the results may vary due to changes in service delivery situations or other external factors.


Roadside Assistance


 * We provide services in Metro Vancouver only.  

Our membership follows your every step, ensuring peace of mind no matter where you roam. In the event of an issue, trust us to swiftly restore your mobility, getting you back on the road with ease.

Join our RA-Plus membership today and experience the convenience and security of reliable emergency EV charging whenever you need it.




25% OFF

  • 2 times/year Charging van request

  • Charging amount of 7kWh 

  • Annual payment only ($240 $180 + tax

  • No Cancellation of request once confirmed





*Taxes not included. Read dmEVS's full terms and conditions here. 

* After your roadside assistance service, we offer an additional charging option for your convenience. You can ask to charge your EV up to 25 kWh. (e.g. 10kWh: $10 CAD)

* Single-use roadside assistance request is available for a fee. 

* Kindly be advised that the discounted subscription price will be in effect for the first billing cycle, which spans a duration of one year.


EV Charging
EV mobile Charging

Membership User

Sign up for a Roadside Assistance membership. You can make requests according to the number of times set for each membership plan per year. 

Request Roadside assistance

Request Roadside Assistance through the web booking system. Once you have signed in, click your account. Look for the "Roadside Assistance Request" menu, and click on it. If the request is approved, it will be deducted from the number of available use per year.

Emergency Charging

The dmEVS charging van will go to where you are. As soon as the van arrives, it starts charging. The emergency charging service charges you enough to run 50km. 


It is deducted from the number of available use per membership plan per year at no additional cost. 

dmEVS EV Charging
EV Charging payment

Roadside assistance

1 Time Request

*We provide services in Metro Vancouver only.