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Premium On-demand

Depending on the membership, we regularly provide premium charging services at the time, date and place you want. 

If you do not have a charging station in your area, we provide an onsite charging service. If you specify the desired date and location, the charging van will complete the charging of your EV. Upgrade the quality of your EV life with convenient and special charging services. 

Premium On-demand Service


*Service will begin in 2023.

We provide services in Metro Vancouver only.

Taxes not included. Read dmEVS's full terms and conditions here. 


EV Charging

Membership User

Sign up for a Premium On-demand membership. You can make requests according to the number of times set for each membership plan per month. 

Pick a day you want to receive the service

Book an On-demand Charging service through the web booking system. If the request is approved, it will be deducted from the number of available use per month.

Scheduled EV Charging Service

The dmEVS charging van will go to where you are. As soon as the van arrives, it starts charging. The emergency charging service charges you enough to run 50km. 


It is deducted from the number of available use per membership plan per month at no additional cost. 

EV Charging




  • 8 times/month scheduled Charging van service

  • Maximum charge of 20kW 

  • Scheduled Only (At least 24 hours before) 

  • No Cancellation on the same day

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