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EV Charger Installation

for Business

Power up your business with EV charging station

dmEVS specializes in providing top-quality EV charger installation services for businesses of all sizes. We understand that every business has unique needs, which is why we offer a range of charging solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.

Did you know EVs are gaining massive popularity?

The EV industry is on the rise to be one of the leading industries in the Canadian economy. In fact, the Canadian government even announced a 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan, which promotes clean air and a strong economy. Additionally, the Canadian government is developing a light-duty ZEVs (Zero Emission Vehicles) sales mandate for new vehicle purchases, which will set annually increasing requirements towards achieving 100% ZEV sales by 2035, including interim targets of at least 20% by 2026 and at least 60% by 2030. 


Applications for EV Charging Station

Our complete charging solution is available for use across all industries, giving you a turnkey option for your charging needs.


Retail & Hospitality




Institutional & Education







Benefits of Installing our EV Charger

We pride ourselves on building a solid relationship with our partners to run a sustainable business. 

Minimized initial cost

Business owners can bare the low initial cost of setting up EV chargers since we take on the full burden of the EV charger hardware, network devices, auxiliaries, and the installation work cost. 

Owners are only liable for the parking spaces to place the EVs and chargers. We can proudly say that this has been a huge merit for our business partners.

Transparent profit sharing

Our company gains profit mainly from EV charging parking fee and BC CFR LCFS(carbon credit refund program) which will all be shared with the business owners. Plus, we are considering to apply for other eligible rebate programs of BC gov if applicable. The proportion sharing shall be transparently decided annually after considering the initial cost.

Attract additional EV users​

Your EV charging station could not only be used for guests but also for other nearby EV users. This commercial-use type is going to maximize the opportunity for operating your own station even when your place is not occupied by guests. We are planning on listing our station locations on Google Maps this year for the publicity of our stations.



CSE1 EV Charger

The CSE1 draws upon the company's three decades of success in delivering advanced power management technology solutions to major commercial customers around the world. It offers a Level 2 smart EV charger that is designed to be installed at either commercial or residential host sites. The single integrated solution has multiple features that make it reliable, easy to use and cost-effective. 

  • Provides up to 48A to charging capacity

  • OCPP-Compliant Solution

  • ETL Listed with Type 3 enclosure rated for Indoor and outdoor installation

  • Water- and dust-resistant

  • Wall and pedestal mounting options

  • Aesthetic and multi-colored design

  • Interactive LED charging status indicator

  • Easy to Use

  • Really easy to Install

  • High quality manufacturing

  • High reliability with 99.98% uptime

  • Rated for high and low temperature operating conditions 

  • 18 foot-long charging cable

  • 2-year warranty

Our company is trailblazing the EV industry with our leading-edge EV chargers and our proprietary mobile App. We offer business owners affordable installation for level 2 EV charging stations. As a Canadian-listed company, we aim to grow and gain profit by installing EV chargers across B.C. and building an eco-friendly environment for our community.

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