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About EV industry

Global Electric Vehicle Sales up 39% in 2020


*Excludes commercial vehicles

Source: Canalys estimates, January 2021

3.1 million EVs were sold in 2020, 4.7% of new passenger cars. 

EV sales will continue to rise, reaching 48% of passenger car sales by 2030. 


The Lack Of EV Charging Stations Could Limit EV Growth

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Lack of charging stations in B.C. condos impeding use and purchase of electric vehicles
All fired up but nowhere to charge: Alberta's lack of infrastructure zaps electric vehicle enthusiasm
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Seven in 10 Canadians (68 per cent) who plan to buy a new vehicle within the next five years are likely to buy an electric vehicle (EV), either pure or hybrid, although the lack of a robust charging infrastructure, battery life and range and the purchase price remain persistent concerns, finds a new survey by KPMG in Canada.

How it works 
Roadside Assistance 


Easy to request Emergency EV charging service by using mobile app

Simply use the app to request Emergency EV charging service when your car is out of battery and stuck on the road. 


Use EV Connect Solutions app to track mobile EV charging van

EV Connect Solutions Emergency EV charging service team will accept the user's charge request. You can track the EV charging van.


Charge your vehicle

EV Connect Solutions Mobile EV van will find you and charge your EV.

How it works (Roadside Assistance)


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