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Charging Service for Events

Special events deserve special charging options. dmEVS On-Demand Service provides complimentary customer service to EV drivers.

Our mobile EV charging service offers a highly adaptable charging as a service (CaaS) option that is available for rent. dmEVS provides this service to event organizers and any site in need of temporary EV charging.

EV Charging

Service any event big or small

  • Our charging solution can be customized to satisfy specific events or other temporary needs. 

  • Our Business considering a permanent EV charger installation or waiting for infrastructure to be built can have the benefit of EV charging immediately. 

30 km

Driving from

10 min of charging

Driving range,

when fully charged

230 km

Country Flags_edited.jpg

National Events

Car Lot_edited.jpg

EV Launch Events

Ice Hockey Match_edited.jpg

Sporting Events

Music Festival_edited.jpg


Music Festival_edited.jpg

Other Large Events

Contact for any inquiries

*Service will begin in 2023.

We provide services in Metro Vancouver only.

Thanks! We’ll send you a price quote shortly.

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